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Doctor with Files
Submitting Admission

Dr. Vasica currently holds regular operating lists at the Northern Beaches Hospital for public


Please note: Public hospitals will not add you to their list and your wait period does not

commence until this paperwork has arrived. The lists are then booked by the waitlist

co-ordinators at the hospital and they will notify you of a date when they have scheduled

their lists.  We strive to keep our wait time as short as possible however this is at the waitlist

co-ordinators discretion and is set according to urgency status marked on your form and

medical priority.


Admission forms for the Northern Beaches Hospital are to be completed online. Once your admission has been received by the hospital you will then go onto their waitlist so we suggest you do this as soon as possible.


Please visit this link to create an Account. 


You will be required to have an;


  • Email address

  • Mobile phone number

  • Admitting doctor details (Dr Gabby Vasica)

  • Emergency contact details

  • Health fund/Medicare details

  • List of your medications and dosage


Once you have created an Account you will be directed to complete a new Admission for your surgery. Please answer all necessary questions to the best of your ability. Once you have finalised your Admission an email will be sent to you confirming your Admission has been processed.


If you need assistance with completing your Admission forms please contact the
Northern Beaches Hospital on 02 9105 6078.

Please phone us to arrange a follow up appointment once that hospital has provided you with a date for your surgery.

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