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Ensuring your privacy is important to us. By using this website or providing personal or sensitive information, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this privacy policy.  

Use of Personal Information

The Government has Privacy Legislation regarding the handling of that personal information which we are required to adhere to.  We acknowledge our obligations to you under the Privacy Act, 1988 as amended.


Personal information that we collect from you will be used primarily to ensure that you receive optimal care. Your personal information may be given to medical practitioners and their staff to facilitate your care and treatment (such as advice to your GP about you treatment here, referrals to other medical practitioners and for tests) and may also include providing clinical patient information to Medicare, private health funds and hospitals as required for billing and administrative purposes. Communication methods may be by phone, post, email or fax.

Your personal information will not be provided for the purpose of legal reports and reports to insurance companies, without obtaining your additional consent.


Storage of Personal Information

Patient medical information is kept in individual patient medical record files within a secure computer based filing system. 


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