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Frequently asked questions


What happens at my first appointment?


Your first appointment in our rooms is an excellent opportunity to ask questions you may or may not elect to proceed with surgery however please arrive with as much history on your condition as possible. It is also considered a booking appointment and if you are going to proceed with surgery we will give you a referral for admission form (RFA) at this appointment. We often get asked if the doctor will perform surgery on this day and the answer is usually no, some very minor procedures can be performed in the rooms however in most cases this is not usual.


Can you tell me how long I will need to wait in the public system?


You are expected to send or drop the RFA form in to the hospital within 48 hours of your initial consult.  Public hospitals will not add you to their list and your wait period does not commence until this paperwork has arrived. The lists are booked by the waitlist co-ordinators at the hospital and they will notify you of a date when they have scheduled their lists.  We strive to keep our wait time as short as possible and it is rare to wait longer than a few months however this is at the waitlist co-ordinators discretion and is set according to urgency staus marked on your form and medical priority.


How soon after surgery can I drive a vehicle?


You should not drive a vehicle 24-48 hours after anaesthesia. It is against the law and should you have an at fault accident you may be held liable. Driving depends on a variety of factors and is different for every patient. Please call and ask us if it is ok for you.

When do I have my post operative appointment?


If you have non-dissolvable stitches then 10-14 days is the usual time frame to have a post operative appointment for a wound check and removal of sutures. Tissues take time to heal and therefore we say that it is usual to expect a post operative appointment around the 4-6 week mark. 

What do I do if its after hours and I am unwell?


We want our patients to feel supported during their healing period, always remember it is ok to represent to your GP or hospital for a check up if we are unable to be contacted during usual business hours. 


When can I start exercising again?

We usually get asked this question following abdominal surgery. If you have had abdominal surgery you must not lift anything over 5 kgs for a period of 6 weeks as this is how long it takes for the tissues to rejoin and heal.  Vigorous excercise too soon can also cause trauma to the surgery site and indeed not only slow the healing but cause further damage. Walking and normal moving around is fine of course. 


How much will my surgery cost?


If you are wanting private surgery we will draw up an estimate of surgical fees in our rooms. This will be accompanied by a document that details our terms and conditions on payments of accounts.  We attempt to be as precise as possible with this paperwork however as we cannot anticipate exactly what will happen during surgery this is an estimate only rather than a quote and may vary. Item numbers for your own health fund queries will be provided. Our fees are set at the AMA rate.  Your post operative visit both in hospital as a ward round and in our rooms is included in your surgery invoice.

If you are a public patient we charge a rate of $240 in the rooms for an initial consultation and $120 for a subsequent visit, your surgery will be covered under Medicare. Both rooms visits receive a medicare rebate with a valid referral and we are happy to process your Medicare rebate electronically on the spot.

Can I ask Dr Vasica a question?

Of course and no questions are silly! Please feel free to fill in our adjacent email enquiry form and we will follow up a response for you or call us on 9997 7346.

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